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Kate Hewett
Need An Energy Boost?
Tough workout? Long day? Support normal energy levels with this little-known natural treasure.
Need An Energy Boost?
Tough workout? Long day? Support normal energy levels with this little-known natural treasure.
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Show Me How

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Bottles of Goodness!


Hi there!  Welcome to Goodness Gracious.  

Like many of you, I’m doing Life in the fast lane at the moment.  I’m a Mum to three busy teenage boys and wife to an equally busy but very happy to help husband!  I work part time as a Teacher and use other hours when I’m not working, driving the kids or regulating the never ending washing that multiplies in our Laundry to promote Young Living.

One of my passions is good health for my family.  I’m a big believer in looking after our environment too, particularly when it impacts on our health as closely as it does. However, I just don’t have time to shop at organic farms, pick strawberries or tend chickens in the backyard.  Perhaps in my retirement years??


Instead, I’m into finding and using products in my home which are truly supportive of my family’s health, come from a trustworthy source and are downright convenient.  


I’ve found such a company in Young Living and I will be forever grateful for the impact their commitment to goodness has had on our family.  We were first introduced to Young Living Essential Oils because my eldest son, Ben was struggling with a monthly desensitization injection for his allergies.  He would spend nearly two hours streaming with mucus and suffering from swollen eyes and passages and could not leave the school medical centre until he’d been able to control the inflammation with medication.   


When my beautiful friend showed me which Essential Oils to use and how, both my son and myself were amazed at the great results.  He went from dreading the monthly visit to the Drs to using these bottles of Goodness daily to minimize any reaction to the usual triggers.   Sneezing and eyeball scratching became a thing of the past!


In addition to the Essential Oils, we also swapped out all detergents, cleaning agents and self care products in the house and replaced them with plant derived and toxin free alternatives from Young Living.  Our whole family is reaping the benefit of this reduced toxicity.


So if you have a need or a health issue which is causing some discomfort for your or a family member, I invite you to have a look around the website and reach out with questions and requests.  Take some time to look into the Young Living product range and come see why it is an amazing company with 4 million members having grown strongly over the last 25 years.


I would be honoured to help you and your family get started on a journey that will help you immensely with achieving great health for you all.



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